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Relais Le Jardin Fine Dining Restaurant


The history

The history of the restaurant Relais Le Jardin, and the Hotel Lord Byron that hosts it, was born in the early eighties from a former monastery located in one of the most intimate areas of the luxurious Parioli district of Rome, converted into a hotel by the founder Amedeo Ottaviani.

In a short time the structure stands out for the elegance of its forms and its architectural style, reflecting the deep passion of the property for Art Nouveau and Art Deco, expressed in the furniture and in all its spaces.

The idea of its origin has not changed: education, confidentiality and sensitivity are the cornerstones of the entire concept of hospitality of the Lord Byron Hotel.

The restaurant has been awarded with many national and international awards, reaching its peak in the late eighties with the recognition of two Michelin stars, the first structure in Rome to achieve this result. The name Relais Le Jardin is therefore the synonym of absolute quality in dining and hospitality.

The Restaurant today

The fundamental value of the restaurant Relais Le Jardin Fine Dining is the uniqueness and exclusivity feeling, with a style of cuisine that adapts to the concept of exceptional and unrepeatable of what is proposed to customers.

Combining shapes and flavors to achieve a balance between aesthetic refinement, selection of ingredients and technical complexity.  

The experience that we want to propose is all-encompassing and not imitated elsewhere, moving the concept of luxury from the exclusivity of the realization to the non-reproducibility of the sensation, the collaboration with Massimo Viglietti seemed, therefore, instantly the most obvious choice. 

Chef Massimo Viglietti

Performer and amplifier of this way of understanding the hospitality of the restaurant is Chef Massimo Viglietti who, with Michelin starred experiences in Liguria as well as in Rome, brings his unconventional vision of the concept of gourmet.

His creative independence, provocative spirit and consideration of gastronomy as a form of self-expression are the elements that led the chef and Relais Le Jardin to choose each other.

A set of stimuli gathered in thirty years of experience and travel around the world define the three tasting menus – Concerto (concert), Viaggio (travel) and Impressioni (impressions) – and the à la carte menu of Relais Le Jardin. 

The support of Sous Chef Valerio Mercadante, young creative cook, skilled in both conception and execution of dishes, is of key importance.

Tasting Menus

“Concert” is the most complete tasting menu and the one that describes Massimo Viglietti’s intense cuisine the most: a path of dishes useful to enter the world of the Ligurian chef in which textures, combinations and temperatures entertain and captivate. Harmony, simultaneity and emotional union are the ultimate values of the menu that wants to lead the customer along a cathartic itinerary, in which the concept of “unison” finds a new application. 

“Travel” is a dreamlike menu, inspired by metaphysical universes: we are in a desert without borders, with continuous references to exotic and distant traditions, where the starry sky is the only light to follow. The destination and the views seen along the route are not important  as the perception of physical and intellectual dynamism. 

“Impressioni” is a short but impactful menu: the goal is to make the concept concrete, however, to do so, the mind must be free and without prejudice.


The Wine Cellar

The wine cellar is made up of more than 120 labels selected according to the quality of the final product, with a preference for companies that make wine or champagne with a well-defined character and identity both in terms of flavors of the glass and of the company’s productive identity.

Regional dialects that mix with foreign languages, are all enclosed in bottles that guard geographies, stories of hard work and great passions ready to be poured into a glass.


Relais le Jardin Restaurant
Via Giuseppe De Notaris, 5
00197 Roma

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