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The new restaurant at the
Hotel Lord Byron in Rome


After more than 30 years a great return to the restaurant where it all began. Once a Roman symbol par excellence of gourmet dining, today reinvented in new ideas but with the same determination and enthusiasm that distinguishes us to give our guests an experience that goes beyond the tasting, among marbles, crystals, velvets and atmosphere. The kitchen of the Relais Le Jardin Fine Dining Restaurant, interpreted today by Chef Massimo Viglietti, in a creative and personal way completes this experience to leave in the memory of our guests images that will evoke emotions, memories and the irresistible pleasure of discovery.


Chef Massimo Viglietti


Massimo Viglietti, born in Liguria, has in his DNA the flavors and scents of his, has in his lungs the air of neighboring France that with its cuisine has given oxygen to his curiosity and the passion for an art, the culinary art, which becomes a means of artistic expression.

Obtained the 2 Michelin stars in the restaurant “Il Palma” of Alassio, he moved to Rome, taking over the management of “Achilli at the Parliament”  cuisine reaching the recognition of 1 Michelin star. After various experiences, he arrives today at the Relais Le Jardin Fine Dining Restaurant of the Lord Byron Hotel.

The flavors played through apparent contrasts, the succession of sweet and bitter notes to dance with acidity thrust and sapidity that stimulate the senses, his sweet not sweet, balancing games to realize that “ Ordo ab Chao “ in which the soul finds serenity.

Sous Chef Valerio Mercadante


Born in Rome in 1994 from a family of Roman origins. The passion for cooking began at a very young age when at the age of fourteen he began his career.

Exuberant and extroverted character finds in a young and capable chef, Cristiano Catapano, that authoritative guide who manages to transmit to him those fundamental bases not only of the kitchen but of being in brigade and the importance of work organization.

After almost two years spent in London, he returned to Italy to arrive at the kitchen of Achilli Enoteca at the Parliament. Here the meeting with the bistellato chef Massimo Viglietti, of which he is the sous chef for five years now, opens the way to a kitchen made of technique and rigor that can lead out of the box.

Wine Cellar

The wine cellar that can be visited at the Lord Byron Hotel in Rome holds rare bottles of the past and welcomes new wine specialties. A small temple of wine, respectful of traditions but also open to new trends.

This spirit has allowed our winery to win many awards and awards in the prestigious international magazines such as Wine Spectator. Today Lord Byron is proud to offer a dynamic wine list – always updated -, which will satisfy even the most sophisticated palates and the most demanding customers.


Relais le Jardin Restaurant
Via Giuseppe De Notaris, 5
00197 Roma

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